GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SOLUTIONS is committed to delivering knowledge and services that will allow high income owners and their family to choose the most appropriate plan for their priorities and goals. In search of this aim, we are continuously developing the processes to accomplish this objective.

• Develop and extend our network of Platinum Partners to improve our strategic presence and best represent high net worth people across the world;
• Review of current laws and proposed regulations;
• Build digital resources and comparisons to analyze the most desirable products;
• Simplify uncertainty in order to maintain a streamlined and stress-free compliance phase by partnering with our collaborators by regularly engaging with accountable policy officials in multiple jurisdictions.

Discover how to make
the right choice.

Each potential Global Citizen must continue the exploration phase with the GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SOLUTIONS Index, the market index that measures the characteristics of the most appealing services, and the GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SOLUTIONS Matrix, which summarizes the solutions accessible in an easy to follow chart. To fine tune their choices, investors switch to the System Match method to pick the program(s) that better suit their objectives. Such devices are only one of the special services that GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SOLUTIONS provides to its Accredited Partners and their customers. Our partnership managers are taking the lead by contrasting the particular position and desires of each individual with the existing services for dual residence and nationality.


• Exposure to a world-class group of Qualified Collaborators appointed to create files and guide customers around the cycle smoothly.
• A range of facilities in the financial, finance, regulatory and tax consulting sectors.
• Lifelong membership to Global Citizen journal, the largest lifestyle and corporate title of the business sector.
• Premium rates and unique access at the Global Citizen Summit, the industry’s largest forum at inform and encourage the value of active citizenship.
• Subscribing to our journals.
• Free one year subscription with universally recognizable, the world’s largest concierge company.