Ruheena Hasan

Communications Head

Ruheena Hasan has a diverse professional background spanning 22 years. With her expertise building teams and systems, she has been the choice to handle start-up operations as well as manage corporate restructuring for many projects and companies over the years. Her background in strategizing outreach activities and building campaigns and awareness is all-encompassing. A “jack of all trades” and a “master of many”, Ruheena boasts experience working with organizations such as the Lahore Stock Exchange, Accelerated Technologies Inc. and Cresoftech. From high-level strategic planning to hands-on endeavors like training, support and mentorship, she has extensive expertise in optimizing all processes in a tactical manner.

Umara Sameer

Sales and Marketing Manager

Umara Sameer’s background in sales and marketing is vast and all-encompassing. With 20 years of experience in handling a wide array of outreach activities and consistently exceeding goals, Umara is an asset to Global Citizenship Solution with her positive outlook to work. Owing to her passion in developing teams and building customer relationships, she has been instrumental in running her department with great precision and absolute focus. Umara is completely focused on designing and strategizing solutions aimed at ensuring that her teams work optimally.

Waqas Tahir

Office Manager

As the backbone of the company, Waqas has been an asset to the company for many years. His ability to multitask effectively in order to ensure the smooth running of the office has been highly commended. Making educated decisions about office policies and procedures comes naturally to him. His unique outlook to problem-solving and strategizing makes him an official “go to” person.

Muhammad Ajmal

IT Executive

Muhammad Ajmal is a great resource for Global Citizenship Solution with his constant information technology support to all team members. Keeping the company in the news on various social media platforms using data-driven strategies and building awareness campaigns are some of his most solid strengths.

Khizra Javed

Student Counselor

With over 6 years of experience in an educational capacity, boasting the likes of Forman Christian College, Khizra Javed is fully-equipped with commercial awareness and product knowledge. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with a pleasant demeanor make her one of the most “reachable” people in the organization.

Hameeda Kasim

Tele-Sales Associate

Hameeda Kasim has a solid background in sales and marketing. With extensive experience in reaching out to clients and providing them with solid solutions, Hameeda has been a solid working member of the Global Citizenship Solution sales team.

Naseer Ahmed

Tele-Sales Associate

Naseer Ahmed’s path to success started from his customer service experience in Warid. This experience provided him with a unique perspective to the benefit of clients at Global Citizenship Solution. He is an extraordinary mix of talents and is highly enthusiastic about producing high-quality sales results.

Areeba Hameed

Tele-Sales Associate

Areeba Hameed is a new entrant in Global Citizenship Solution, but has quickly proven her sales skills, through excellent communication with existing and prospective clients. Her passion and will to exceed is above par of many and she has been a credit to the company since the day she joined.

Zain Malik

Tele-Sales Associate

Zain Malik is passionate about customer services and sales. With over 5 years of experience in a service-oriented role, he understands clients’ needs and is a pro in providing them with correlating solutions. He comprehends strategy implementation deeply and has an inherent capacity to recognize opportunities and make smart business decisions.

Rida Nadeem

Tele-Sales Associate

Rida Nadeem has a strong sales background spanning 3 years. Her outlook to customer services is exceptionally positive and she is always looking for ways to bring efficiency to her work.

Fahmeed Sheikh

Sales Associate

Fahmeed Sheikh has been a working part of Global Citizenship Solution for a great length of time. He knows how to provide data-driven solutions to his clients while keeping up with trends within the industry. His experience in outreach and sales has resulted in some excellent liaisons in the past and he is considered a solid credit to the company.