1. Australia:
Main conditions:
  • The applicant should have work experience which can be counted as relevant.
  • Having the applicant’s skills assessed to make sure they are fit for the job and is meeting the qualification criteria for work.
  • Be below 45 years and above 18.
  • Have a proper grasp on the English language.
  • Have an invitation letter from the Australian skill select.
2. Canada:
Main conditions:
  • An applicant should have one year of work experience which should be full time and paid work in the occupations most in demand in the list set by Canada.
  • The applicant should have proficiency in the languages of English and French and should achieve 7 points or more in the Benchmarks set.
  • A suitable and satisfactory funding should be there.
  • Successful background and medical checks.
  • The application must be between the ages of 18 and 55 to qualify for an application.
3. United Kingdom:
Main conditions:
  • In order to come to the UK to work one can only live for three years provided they are accepted, and then reapply after which they’re allowed to apply for a citizenship.
  • They should have adequate travel documents.
  • Enough funds to provide for themselves and their family.
  • Details on where they would live in the UK.
  • Strong command over the English language and proof of IELT’s test score.