Global Citizenship Solution was established in 2010, with a futuristic hope of bringing destinations closer to people seeking immigration and citizenship solutions. With over a decade of experience, the company has enjoyed considerable patronage, owing to the high interest in discovering new opportunities, and the correlating provision of high-quality services.

The idea behind Global Citizenship Solution’s core services is to connect people to the right resources, so that they can meet their individual education, business, work, migration, and second passport goals. Using the right channels to help our clients realize their specific goals is a strength that the company has shown through many achievements over the years.

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Concentrating on an ever-evolving list of destinations, Global Citizenship Solution is working in both business and skilled immigration for Canada and Australia since its inception.

In 2015, the company pioneered the concept of citizenship by investment in Pakistan, and now enjoys partnerships with top ranked citizenship companies of the world. Providing services for Turkey, Portugal, Europe, and several parts of the Caribbean, Global Citizenship Solution has earned quite a solid reputation for the longest list of approved citizenship applications.


Global Citizenship Solution has accomplished much in terms of services, and global recognition. Owing to a high rate of success in the facilitation of professional immigration and citizenship services, the company is ranked as the highest in the country. With our commitment to providing 100% client satisfaction through well-placed advice, and direction, we have been successful in all the cases we have taken up, with satisfied clients’ testimonials backing up our claims.


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